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David Theodoro

Fantastic mitral course in New York. Thank you for sharing your incredible experience with us over these past few days. I look forward to visiting with you in Europe in the next several months. I am an experienced  robotic mitral surgeon but really want to be fully trained in your technique. Somebody needs to be the next Clark Hargrove/ Hugo Vanermen of the United States and I would like to be that person. You have been very important in my professional development and I am grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

With Respect ,

David Theodoro

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Debora Klein Ferreira

This year I had the opportunity to meet a big name on the Cardiovascular Surgery area during the Residents Luncheon of 30th EACTS Meeting at Barcelona, Dr Hugo Vanermen!
I am last year resident of cardiovascular surgery in Brazil, and I could have a informal conversation with this amazing surgeon, with a wide experience in minimaly invasive cardiac surgery, and felt free to make any question about his history or even details in tecnical part of the surgery, Also, they gave us many tips and tricks to start doing this beautiful surgery!! For us, residents, that are starting our professional life, this kind of meeting is so important because then we have more tools to start planning our career. Thank you very much Dr Vanermen for this wonderful time and for sharing your knowledge with us!